RAF Luqa, Malta

Here is a copy of the RAF station brochure, published after 1953 the latest date mentioned in the Text.

RAF Luqa information booklet 1954 or later

RAF Luqa 1950s

RAF LUQA in the 1950s, the tower (?) in the background

Luqa 6

USAF Fairchild C-119 “Flying Boxcar” on No 2 Aircraft Park

Luqa 7

Plenty of BEA activity on No 1 Aircraft Park, the military No 2 Park is in the distance with a Britannia and maybe a Valetta parked up. There is a Hastings on the Runway.

RAF Luqa

One thought on “RAF Luqa, Malta”

  1. I spent a few weeks in Malta in 1967 whilst awaiting my visa for Libya, where I had been posted as an ATCO with IAL. IAL ran Malta Centre and the RAF ran Luqa Tower and Approach. It was my first experience of real ATC and it was incredible. One night the Luqa Tower rang the Centre to see if anyone had a cup of sugar for their tea. A helpful ATCA opened the Lamson tube and emptied the sugar into it! It might have been the same bloke who “posted” a boiled egg to Luqa using the same system..

    One of the RAF ATCOs was referred to as “Uncle Vic”. He might have been Polish and had served in the war. Anyone recall him?

    The Malta Control ATCOs were permitted to use the RAF Officer’s Mess and would usually repair their after a morning shift. Dress code in Malta Centre was pretty basic, jeans, tee-shirts and jangles being common. One day I and several other Libya-bound trainees went to the mess with “Speedy”, a Maltese ATCO who was known to all.. Two of my colleagues were ex-RAF were astounded at Speedy wearing jangles into the mess and they were even more astounded to see the Group Captain welcome him like his lost son! Speedy and several other Maltese ATC staff had various other jobs – nuff said.


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