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My beautiful pictureSOP1

The three Pictures below were taken in the early 1960s by MIKE BLOODWORTH

My beautiful pictureSOP2

My beautiful pictureSOP3

The IWM has a lovely colour shot in its collection, of Sopley in 1966

Colour Photo RAF Sopley Ops Room 1966

My beautiful pictureSOP4

map 2SOP5

Sopley area of responsibility as an upper air space  ATC unit

sopley ops

SOP 6 the ops room




SOP7 the  later version of the AMES Type 7 aerial as used in ATC days at Sopley plus several views in the void under the Aerial .


SOP7a AMES Type 11 Radar as used as a back up at Sopley

RAF Sopley AMES Type 14 radar

SOP 8 Type 14 radar

SOP 9 the FPS2 height finder radars

JATCRU Southern civil airways Marconi Type 264 radar

SOP10 Marconi 264 radar

SOP11 SSR used with the Sopley civilian Marconi 264 radar. On the right its mounted on the gantry used by the Type 14


SOP13 five photos of the ops room in June 1960. This must be very early in the story of Sopley as an ATC unit as the former local and area fighter control plotting tables are still in place below the “tote” board – the wall mounted information display. Click on any photo to see an enlarged version

SOP14 Seven photos of the ops room dated between 1971 and 1973. Bottom right shows Brain Jones on the left and on the right W/Cdr Peter Wood, OC RAF Sopley.

cabin 5 maybe

SOP15 We are pretty sure that this is RAF Sopley. What is the screen showing top left – a radar coverage plot or a height finder display perhaps? We’re not sure if this is the ATC period at Sopley 1960-74 or the earlier fighter control period, or even if its Cabin 5, manned by fighter controllers providing a radar service to R&D and manufacturers airfields. Comments via the tab above please.




  1. I still have nightmares about when as a cadet [12 course], my voice would not always activate those bakelite GPO type headsets, with, as a consequence, the busy D controller at West Drayton getting rather agitated!


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