Edzell tower/watch room

bay window tower

vampires in WA402

The Vampires are from 612 R Aux A F (Aberdeen) squadron. who operated the  Vampire from 1951. Nearest Vampire FB5 is WA402. They flew from three airfields; Dyce, Leuchars and Edzell. So far as we can determine its not Dyce or Leuchars. We think the tower behind the Vampires is the rear of the white bay windowed tower. They have the same aerial configuration and covered porch or walkway. Edzell was used as a civil aerodrome between the wars and the white tower looks distinctly non-military. We do think we’ve found Edzell tower.


One thought on “Edzell tower/watch room”

  1. Yes there was a civil airfield at Edzell between the watrs but it wasn’t the military airfield shown, it was a field at the ‘Panmure Hotel’ about 2 miles to the west.
    The ‘present’ military airfield was in operation from 1940 to 1952.


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