RAF Odiham (EGVO)


Odiham 4Bristol Belvedere HC Mk 1XG455 (or 488?)/B possibly with No 66 Squadron, in front of the old pre 1939 Fort type tower at RAF Odiham. When this was taken the tower had been replaced once , maybe twice.


Barry Davidson tells us that this photo has EGVO written on reverse. Looks like a T3 Javelin XH395 from 46 Sqdn which puts the picture date as 1956-58. The tower shown here is a 1939-45 wartime design, one of three towers at Odiham

Odiham tower

EGVO 1953

this photo is of the aircraft taking part in the 1953 Queens Review at Odiham. In the distance is the old Fort style control tower and to its right the later tower also seen above and now replaced in turn.

One thought on “RAF Odiham (EGVO)”

  1. The first 2 towers at Odiham were on the northside near the C type hangars; the present tower is south side.
    Last time I visited in about 2000, they had fitted it out with 5 new raster scan radar consoles as the initial intention when Farnborough became a civil licensed airfield was for Farnborough LARS and approach to be done from Odiham, however the impracticality of this was soon recognised (we’d tried to tell them before the new consoles were installed) when it was realised Farnborough controllers would not be able to use the equipment unless Odiham ATC was open for normal operations ie mon – fri 8 am – 5.30pm and not at all during tacevals (TAG intended to operate Farnborough 7 days per week with core hours of 8 am – 8pm) but fortunately NATS Engineering were able to supply and instal a new radar and consoles at Farnborough in time for ‘O’ date in Nov 2002 thus the NATS controllers were able to provide ATS for the maximum allowed periods under local planning conditions.(7am – 10pm weekdays and 8am – 8pm weekends and PH)
    Whether these extra consoles are still at Odiham I don’t know.


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