RAF Chivenor EGDC


We think this is Chivenor, its very similar to the tower below except for the little structure on top of the VCR.

The Hunter below is from 79 Squadron RAF who were based at Chivenor in the 1970s and 80s before moving to Brawdy and losing their Hunters. The tower doesn’t look like either unit today but Pete Hellier via Helen O’Connor tells us its the old tower at Chivenor.



1967 RAF Chivenor 54 Sqdn Hunter


1967 RAF Chivenor;  54 Squadron Hawker Hunter XC (or G) 252/W

bd OV or DM

Terry Clarke has identified this as Chivenor; new tower; TWU days.

Chivenor 1969 Vampire T11 WZ549 from the CATCS

Chivenor 1969 Vampire T11 WZ549 from the CATCS







3 thoughts on “RAF Chivenor EGDC”

    1. During the re-build of the 1980s, the new tower was built at the southern end of the hangars adjacent to the runway. The original tower doesn’t appear on the latest satellite photos so we must assume it was demolished at this time; it used to be situated further north and to the west of the hangars on the edge of the large apron, but if I recall correctly (I was there for ATC summer camp in 1969) it didn’t have too good a view of the threshold of the runway which appears to have been extended slightly to the east probably after the WW2 tower was built..


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