Wolverhampton Pendeford tower


Pendeford was probably most well know for its links with Boulton Paul. It had an art deco airport which looks like it incorporated a tower. A later more modern tower (above) was provided at some stage. The airfield closed in 1970. Here is de Havilland Dove G-AMDD in front of the tower.

3 thoughts on “Wolverhampton Pendeford tower”

  1. The control tower, from a different angle, appears in the opening titles of ‘The Man in the Sky’ filmed at Pendeford in 1956 and occasionally shown on Freeview Ch 81.


  2. What does the ‘R’ on the control tower signify?
    I must have gone past this airfield on the train on the way to my brother’s ‘passing out’ at Cosford in 1962 but never noticed it!


    1. I’m digging into depths of old knowledge. I think it is the ground signal to indicate a right-hand circuit, especially on airfields which may be non-radio at times. If so, this is complemented by a right angled arrow in the signal square. Standard joins and circuits are left hand.

      Prepared to be corrected as I can’t readily find anything in CAA and other documents to confirm meaning.


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