RRE Pershore (formerly RAF Pershore, sometimes called RAF Throckmorten)

A former RAF Ferry Command and training airfield, Pershore became a R&D airfield serving as the flying station for the Radar Research Establishment at Malvern. After the airfield closed the control tower became something of a TV star featuring in an episode of Time Team (series 9 episode 9) in 2002 and in a whole series of engineering entertainment programmes (The Big Idea) with  Dick Strawbridge.

A few names that spring to mind from 1968 were the SATCO  Jerry Hart, Mike Goodband,  John Tremare (?), Ian Hislop and Dave Close (a bearded proudly ex FAA Gannet observer). Amongst the EFCAs there was John Leatherbarrow, Neville ? and Archie ?  I seem to remember that there was something in Archie’s wartime past that meant he was held somewhat in awe by his colleagues.

Ray Draper provided a set of photos of  three research aircraft that served at Pershore and I found a photo of the disused tower on Wikipedia.


below Varsity WF379, Viscount XT661 and Meteor NF11 WD790

Pete Bish attended a fly-in in 2015 and took the photo below

Pershore Tower 2015

Pershore canberra B2 WK128

Barry Davidson found this photo of Canberra B2, WK128 one of the Pershore trials aircraft.

One thought on “RRE Pershore (formerly RAF Pershore, sometimes called RAF Throckmorten)”

  1. Staff-wise, by early 1971, the SATCO was Bob Seed and mentors were Fred and Clive – the latter went later to LATCC on the 9020 crew. I think Neville and Archie moved on to Boscombe Down.
    Those with an interest in the hardware flown by RAE units might wish to get a copy of ‘Testing Colours’ by Adrian Balch; publisher is Airlife; ISBN 1853103497. From 1993, this contains lots of superb colour pix of the fleet.


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