VHSK RAF Sek Kong, New Territories, Hong Kong 1955/56

This post has become a meeting place for people who worked there and some recent comments have come in so we’ve updated the post. Its also a popular post to view in Hong Kong and China as a whole.

a lovely item on RAF ATC overseas in the 1950s, from John Douglas…..

RAF Sek Kong was the home of 28 Sqdn flying Vampires, converting to Venoms in 1956.

All take offs to the west and landings to the east – surrounded on 3 sides by hills, with Tai Mo Shan at I think 3000 feet plus to the east. Aircraft were homed to overhead Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island by Kai Tak Approach, then transferred to Sek Kong ‘Zippy’ ( army search radar on loan!)*. Eventually the army radar was supplemented by an ARAA final approach aid, and eventually superseded by Decca 424.For a single squadron ATC was well endowed!

My final thoughts centre on the ARAA (aerodrome radar approach aid) ­not easy to operate via a directional aerial controlled in the manner of a submarines periscope, an A scope, and with QDM readings taken from a compass rose, and interpreted for a centre line final approach. …………………..


and John has now sent in article on 28 Squadron RAF that also some material on ATC procedures at Sek Kong.

28 Squadron and Sek Kong procedures 1958


SK1 landing and aerodrome charts


SK2 the Control Tower and Met Office


SK3 Local Control


SK4 ACR7/Decca 424


SK5 Cpl Hook “at work”.


SK6 Cpl Hook again “hard at work”. The Zippy army radar is in the background (the chequerboard caravan).

*Not as unusual as it may seem. Early RAF fighter control radars going operational in December 1940 were adapted from Army mobile radar units designed to support gunnery. The Army radar unit at Christchurch, part of the Air Defence Experimental Establishment, were involved in the development of several mobile RAF radars during 1939-45. Look at the Antrobus post on this site to see a similar radar being used by RN and Civil ATC in the UK.

The ARAA radar is, we’re assuming, a military equivalent of the ECHO radar used by some civil ATC units, see the EGMC posting on this site. – atchistory

6 thoughts on “VHSK RAF Sek Kong, New Territories, Hong Kong 1955/56”

  1. To John Douglas, thanks for reply. Wish a few more chaps would write in but guess age limits in computer use. Wish there was a 28 Sqn. web site to gather all info and pictures, I have a few. My 89th birthday next month and carry fond memories of my two and half years at Sek Kong. I have been back twice since and peered though the fence where the PLA roam.
    What happened to the COs monkey ? Best wishes to all Sek Kongites
    John Roberts


    1. To John Roberts – I have a photo somewhere of the monkey. It had escaped and decided to take refuge in a tree – it eventually came down to resume its comfortable life style. I too have been back and peered through the fence ……..the walled village at the end of the runway (Kam Tin?), which I had intended to visit, no longer exists!


  2. OH Happy days SK 55-57 Driver , all vehciles then bowsers and the coach [note email MT were in hut 27 and 41 just had a look at the recent pictures on email,nearly as drastic as RAF Sharja 1962 and now [what no sand] reguards ex Sek Kongers

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  3. I was there 1954 /1956 in charge of ARAA, Zippy, VHF comms Decca 424.I’m the one responsible fot the yagi antenna you can see on the front of the tower to get a better signal from La Fo San homer. I hope not too late to get a reply….now am 87. ex Sgt John Roberts ps had a bike to get to work at tower in mornings. 73 (VK4TL)

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    1. John – good to hear you are still going strong. I suspect there are few left of our vintage ….. the photos of Cpl Hook sums up the life style – not a bad posting!! regards John Douglas

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