Lossiemouth military airfield EGQS.

Opened originally during WW2 as an RAF aerodrome, it had a long and distinguished career as a Naval Air Station, HMS Fulmar, returning to the RAF in 1972.

John Freeman sent in this link which includes the GCA and the tower in the days of Whirlwinds, Sea Vixens and Buccaneers. Although the GCA seems to consist of two connected four-wheel units, these are in turn raised onto wheeled platforms that run around a circular track on a concrete dispersal.


looking at the photos on the above link I’m doubting the location of the photo below. the Tower below Jaguar XX106 doesn’t look right.

small EGQS

Here is a more certain Jaguar/Lossiemouth photo dated from 1974. The Jaguar is XX120/08

Lossiemouth 1974 2

Taking our reputation in our hands we think the photo below is taken at Lossiemouth in September 1972 . We think the Buccaneer is perhaps from No 800 Naval Air Squadron and has recently arrived from the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle. The squadron is about to disband and the aircraft are to be handed over to the RAF.

We await (and expect please) expert correction via the comments tab above.


Mystery 3

Hawker Hunter T.7A trainer XL568/ZF  in the markings of XII Squadron at Lossiemouth?

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