EGAA Nutts Corner

atchistory has learnt that the NI Transport Training Board, is proposing to have a permanent exhibition and memorial concerning the history of the airfield. Two local aviation historians and authors are involved as both consultants and as the authors of a book on Nutts Corner. If you would like to offer stories, photos etc contact us via the comment tab above and we’ll pass on their contact email info.

some new photos from May 1959 from John Douglas






NC0b Ivor Ray on the right


NC0c and Ivor again below the Aldis lamp


NC0d The GCA/PAR radar








NC0h Two group photos. I have some names but not all. The back row is Bill Eames, Alastair McKay, Tommy Grant, Pete Dring, and Gordon Smethurst. To Bill Eames’ right and below is Harry McGrath. Left on the centre row are Phil Phillips and Roger Makins. Fifth from the right in the centre row on NC0g is Bob Aitken to his right are Ron Tuck and Q McGrath.

Ivor Ray is on the left in the front row and to his right are Ben Gunn,  Eddie Duncan, Mr Wishart (in front of Eddie) and last on the right is Vic Moores.

How about some more names folks? Is the guy to the right of Harry McGrath, Harry Appleford, two to the right of him is maybe Dougie Woods?




Lovely picture taken in about 1962 by Belfast News-Letter Pictures ltd, sent in by John Douglas. We hope we got the ICAO code right, please let us know what it should be if its wrong.

Ron Tuck in Centre, John Douglas on right. Does anyone know who the controller or assistant is on the left?

Nutts Corner


Nutts Corner layout plan. via Colin McKeeman

new mystery tower


new mystery tower 2

NC4 Photos above and below via Barry Davidson, above identified by Bob White.


NC5 Note the old VCR possibly a late war or just post war Sieco (?) VCR.

Northern Irish aviation historian and author Ernie Cromie tells me that “the little first floor structure in the background with inward-sloping windows was initially constructed by the Americans at Langford Lodge in the latter part of the Second World War to create an additional storey on the control tower there. After the end of the war, it was dismantled and brought to Nutts Corner to be reused.”



4 thoughts on “EGAA Nutts Corner”

  1. The pre-EGxx type code for Nutts Corner was GGHA.
    Just to add, Brooklands was GALS (later EGHS in 1950’s) and Brough was GJKC (later EGMC in the ’50’s). I agree that these were subsequently EGLB and EGNB. Finally, for interest, Nutts Corner used the R/T callsign NAGAR as per the Transport Command Route Book #7 during the ’40’s.


  2. I have nothing for EGAN or Nutts Corner.
    In the fifties many UK civil aerodromes were GAxx (eg. Heathrow GALA, Croydon GABA), so maybe it was one of those.
    For several decades now EGNB has been Brough, and EGLB has been Brooklands.


  3. Whilst I can’t trace any report confirming the EGAN code, I do know that Nutts Corner was assigned EGNB pre 1953. This was changed to EGLB in June 1953 and subsequently to EGAA by 1959. This latter code now also applies to Belfast, Aldergrove, which took over civil traffic from Nutts Corner in 1963, before its subsequent closure.


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