Kent Radar; RAF Manston; EGUM Manston Aerodrome.

ATCEU REPORT no 184 describes the evaluation of the cross channel low level procedures proposals


photos taken October 1986

kent radar (1) UM1

RAF Manston control tower and civil ATCO Alan Bradshaw

kent radar (2) UM2

kent radar (3) UM3

kent radar (4) UM4

Russell Coy-Burt thinks he is one of those present


UM5 photo via Barry Davidson as is UM6




UM7 via Barry Davidson as is UM8 below

manston EGUM bd


One thought on “Kent Radar; RAF Manston; EGUM Manston Aerodrome.”

  1. I visited in the spring of ’86 when I was appointed as camp commandant of an easter Air Training Corps camp at Manston.
    The NATS facility comprised one console in the RAF approach room together with a teleprinter to receive flight plans. The sole controller was in charge of the Special Rules Zone which meant the RAF had to ask for a clearance from him to get aircraft in or out of Manston.
    Interestingly staying in the Officers Mess was a Fighter Controller who was engaged in re-opening the ops room at Ash Radar which was about 5 miles away and still in those days used by NATS as a remote radar station for Clacton Sector traffic.


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