EGMD Lydd (Ferryfield)

more from Barry Davidson. Anyone got a nice clear shot of the tower interior?



Lydd 1962

MD2  1962

for those of us of a certain age Lydd is synonymous with  Garry Halliday


MD3   photo via Barry Davidson

Ferryfield 1950s 8_16

MD4 photo via Barry Davidson. If you still have an unbuilt Airfix Superfreighter here is your 1950s diorama project.

MD5 scan via Barry Davidson

Lydd airport

MD6 from Tom Singfield

One thought on “EGMD Lydd (Ferryfield)”

  1. I remember Garry Halliday but I wsn’t aware it was filmed at Lydd; I thought it was at Heathrow where certainly the opening sequence with the radar scanner was filmed.
    Never visited Lydd but in 1958, I attended a school camp not far away in an old army camp at St Mary’s Bay on Romney Marsh. There were Superfreighters droning over about every 20 min even at night time keeing us awake.


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