Swanton Morley Control Tower

small MT 5

This control tower behind G-AJHO an externally accessed  “control  room” built onto the top of the staircase is, by virtue of the combination of the roof edge being protected with both solid and railing parapets, probably a tower to design 5845/39.

Towers of this type 5845/39 were built at Abingdon, Coningsby, Middleton St George, Mildenhall, North Luffenham, Oakington, Ouston, Swanton Morley, Swinderby, Syerston and Waterbeach. Having looked at the control towers UK site we’re pretty sure this is   Swanton Morley.  From June 1953 to 1995 the station was also used by 611 Volunteer Gliding School.

In 1968 ‘HO was operated by the Army Parachute Association



One thought on “Swanton Morley Control Tower”

  1. That is RAF Swanton Morley it a grade 2 listed building now.
    The top wooden watch room and sub store was removed in the winter of ‘65 as it was rotten say the staff of the time.
    The front folding windows have been refurbished recently.
    The Syerston tower is still in use.


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