VIDEO Oceanic Standard Lateral Offset Procedures

At Shanwick each watch undergoes annual revision training to ensure they are all up to date with procedures and have a common understanding of those procedures. It is organised by the Watch examiners and training officers and can be quite difficult to keep it interesting.
Standard Lateral Offset Procedures were introduced when navigation became so accurate that aircraft were now flying the exact same track above or below one another. In the event of turbulence, or any other emergency, this could make it quite interesting. In order to reduce the risk of collision a new procedure had to be introduced – SLOPs, which allowed the pilot of an aircraft to decide whether to fly on track or 1 or 2nm off track. He or she made this decision without reference to ATC in order to ensure it was a completely random selection.
I decided to try to make my watch’s training session a little more interesting by producing this video in order for them to see how the procedure was entered into the FMC.
Pete Clarke

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