RAF Titchwell

RAF Titchwell 1962

RAF Titchwell on the Norfolk coast near Kings Lynn on 18 January 1962 the day before demolition (from Barry Davidson)     Was Titchwell ever a flying station or was it “just” a range control unit

2 thoughts on “RAF Titchwell”

  1. It was indeed a range. It was first used in 1952 but didn’t have a long life as the RAF was changing fast. It was known to have been used by the RCAF Sabres from North Luffenham. The range probably closed in 1956 as RAF bomb disposal was clearing the range then. The Officers control tower in the photo was on the beach and was demolished around 1962 due to the number of children playing in it. The platform it stood on is still on the beach and the second quadrant is extant further west. The target was inland on the old WW1 range and the tower is pointing inland. The green house was used by the dive screen operators who measured the angle of dive of the aircraft.

    The area was first proposed as a range in 1931 but as an Armament Training Camp range. The proposal was dropped – but maybe not forgotten.


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