Stag Lane aerodrome



Stag 3 1923

de Havilland DH84 Dragon G-ACCV “Seafarer” at Stag Lane

Stag Lane 1 BD 1018Stag Lane 2 BD 1018


Barry Davidson tell us  that Stag lane was used as a private AD 1915-1933. Its location was in Edgware London and was operated by de Havilland. It was used for flying training during WW1 and became the main base for DH in 1920. Former wartime aircraft were sent there for refurbishment. DH moved to Hatfield in 1934, the last flight at Stag Lane was in July 1934.

Did it have a control tower, or any air navigation services do we know?

Stag 1

One thought on “Stag Lane aerodrome”

  1. My Father was an experimental aircraft engineer and foreman at the de Havilland factory at Stag Lane, which continued to operate after the demise of the airfield. He was involved in the development of the engine for the DH110, amongst other projects.


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