Mystery Simulation Preston and Hack Green

Steve Balfour has sent these in. The Units simulated appear to be Preston sectors 1, 2 and 3 and Hack Green. Feed sectors include Manchester Zone, Manchester Approach and Liverpool Approach and Antrobus.  Hack Green was an upper air space unit (?) so was Antrobus still providing a lower airspace radar service or maybe a military feed sector?

Looking at the sector maps its interesting that there is no A25 Wallasey Brecon route but there is an airway between Stafford and Brecon running north of the old DG27 ADR from the GX to BCN. Might this be an airspace trial to develop a Daventry bypass route, pre PATCRU and JATCRU Lindholme.  I’ve seen maps as late as 1957 with no A25 but with an Advisory Route from Stafford to BCN and the old DG27 connected with that route just about over Pershore.

You can see the pseudo pilot inputs which is the older analogue system that the ATCEU at Hurn had in the 60s. It opened at Hurn in 1962-63 but it could be the old experimental unit at Heathrow. – I don’t know how much of a simulator they had.
As to date I’ve seen mentions of A25 as early as 1963 so some time between 1958 and 1962?
any ideas?
preston hack green sim (1)
1preston hack green sim (2)
preston hack green sim (3)
3preston hack green sim (4)
4preston hack green sim (5)
5preston hack green sim (6)6preston hack green sim (7)7preston hack green sim (8)
9     Found separately we think this is part of the same simulation or unit, possibly the ATCEU which had a high level terrace in the main ops room of the new 1960s building. It may be the simulation control desk.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Simulation Preston and Hack Green”

  1. Missed a reporting point, ‘Abeam Droitwich’ came between Kinver and Hereford.
    By the way, LIC was marked by an NDB provided by a non aviation company; it was somewhat moe powerful than the ‘average’ NDB and the callsign consisted of six dots followed by a voice saying ‘This is the BBC Home Service’!

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  2. I may be wrong after all these years but wasn’t it ADR Delta Green 28, not 27; Lichfield – Kinver – Hereford – Brecon?
    Disappeared about 1980 I think.

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