Airwork Brochure

Here is a reminder of Airwork ‘s ATC heritage. Unst,  Middle Wallop and Perth are included. Barry Davidson, who supplied the material, reminded us that Airwork provided a lot of tech support to the RAF at the JATCRUs.

If you’re interested in the wider Airwork/Airwork Services story, of which ATC is just a small part, then this book tells you all you might wish to know.

airwork book


2 thoughts on “Airwork”

  1. I remember the Airwork techies when I was attached to Lindholme for my Area Radar training in ’73.
    I don’t know how long they’d been there but they suddenly found by joining a couple of wires together (which had previously been separate) they could feed Mode C SSR onto the T82 consoles which had previously only been showing Mode A. It didn’t last long though; the RAF personnel decided it was ‘degrading the Mode A signal at long range’ and the techies had to de-modify the kit.
    I think it was actually because the ‘lords and masters’ at Command HQ decided the mod would make the radar ‘non standard’; can’t have that at a radar unit and make the controller’s jobs easier can we?

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  2. If I recall, Airwork took over ATC at Hurn from IAL – who themselves took over from NATS in April 1979. The NATS contract to maintain local HM Coastguard equipment was then provided from ATCEU.

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