RAF Wattisham

photo by Dick Gilbert

RAF Wattisham

The control tower at RAF Wattisham was not very busy during Dick’s Air Training Corps camp in 1964. The runway was closed due to new lighting being installed. 111 and 56 Squadron Lightnings had temporarily moved out, darn it (111 to Coltishall and 56 to Cyprus).

The nest photo came via John Douglas. The Hunter below is from 263 Squadron, resident at Wattisham in 1957 and here on detachment to a French Air Force base at Cambrai.

263 hunter

from Barry Davidson, this colour photo of Wattisham taken prior to 1974 with 56 Squadron Lightnings lined up on the dispersal. The tower in the background is the original Watch Tower, a pre WW2 “fort” design reportedly demolished in 1992. Presumably it had been out of use by ATC for many years as it was replaced by a later design during during WW2 and this later tower shown above continued in use, though much redeveloped, in post war years.


Mystery 4bd919
The grey Hawk is XX196.

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