EGKA SHOREHAM (Brighton Hove Worthing municipal airport)


KA0 ATCO John Childs on duty in the Shoreham Airport control tower in the summer of 1963. The fanciest piece of equipment available at Shoreham at the time was the VDF unit on the left – hardly high-tech these days! Down on the ramp is the resident Stramsway Dragon Rapide G-APSD. photo by Dick Gilbert.

photos below from Barry Davidson


KA1 the Shoreham Tower and Terminal feature regularly on TV as a typical 30s airport. We think the newest name for the airport is Shoreham (Brighton City) Airport or simply Brighton City Airport.


KA1a via Barry Davidson





Shoreham has an incredible history

Shoreham Airport

EGKA Shoreham




I’m grateful to Callum Presley for the following, from Data Sheet 8, Newnes Aeronautics dating to the 1930s. Sadly the scan didn’t produce clear enough text for display so I’ve typed it up below.




KA6 Plan of Aerodrome


KA7 Plan of Neighbouring Country


Latitude 50 50 20N. Longitude 06 17 30W.

Altitude 10 feet (3 metres) above mean sea level.

Telephone number: Shoreham 500-4

Telegraphic address: “Shoreham Airport.”

Licensed civil aerodrome (public).



Landing Area:

N-S, 800 yards

NE – SW, 750 yards

E-W, 730 yards

SE-NW, 760 yards

Grass covered level surface.


North side, power cables on pylons (40 – 80 ft high) running E-W, 800 yards distant. Lancing College Chapel on hill 100 feet high, 1,100 yards distant total height above sea level 225 feet. Southeast corner, chimney (30 feet high, 50 ft high) 330 yards distant.

Special Signals:

Special traffic control rules in force indicated by yellow cube on pole on roof of control tower. In conjunction with these rules the following signals are employed:

Taxying out. Aircraft must not taxi out onto that part of the landing area N of the Control Tower when panels bearing red and white vertical lines are displayed on the NW and W sides of the parapet walls of the control tower.

Takeoff Signal consists of a white light directed at the aeroplane from the control tower

Landing Signal None by Day. Green light flashed from the control tower by night. A red light or a red pyrotechnical light is an instruction not to land.


Fuel, oil and water available. All normal repairs, compass base is available. Anchorages available for mooring in the open in front of hangars. Two hangars. Customs facilities available provided prior notification is made to the aerodrome control.

Railway station adjoins the aerodrome. Bus services to Brighton, Hove and Worthing. Cars available at aerodrome. Restaurant.

Local Regulations

In addition to taxying out and takeoff referred to above when the special traffic control rules are in force, permission to land at night must be sought by circling aerodrome until landing signal is received.

In conditions of no wind aeroplanes must land or take off in NE-SW direction.

Pilots must report to the Traffic Officer on arrival and before departure.

Controlling Authority

Olley Air Services Ltd., Shoreham Airport, Sussex on behalf of the Corporation of Brighton, Hove and Worthing








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  1. I was an ATCO at Perth scotland and worked as an ATCA there in 1968 with another ATCO: Bill Fogden and wondering if he worked at ATC Shoreham.Any comments will be much appreciated. thanks


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