EGHF Lee on the Solent

pictures from Barry Davidson

This photo dates from the days of Royal Naval Air Station Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus). Love the watch room on the left. Lee had a distinguished history throughout much of the 20th Century.

HMS Daedalus

Lee 1

Lee on Solent 1947

this photo of the tower at HMS Daedalus tower is dated  1947



2 thoughts on “EGHF Lee on the Solent”

  1. My Dad was born in 1927, he signed up when he was 18 inMay 1945..He didn’t see any ‘action’ but went with every good intention to serve his Country.His discharge papers, when he was 21, show he served on HMS Daedalus as his final post.Can anyone give me more information on this?


    1. Tracey

      there is an excellent HMS Daedalus Facebook page and also a section on Forces Reunited so you should find veterans and history enthusiasts there. I’m assuming you’ve looked the Wikipedia entry already HMS Daedalus is one of the Navy’s oldest and most famous air stations so is well represented on the web. Museums you could visit when things improve are the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset and maybe the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Also see


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