Dunsfold Tower


obviously the Harrier is the star, but I think the old tower is in the middle of the buildings below, to the left of the long central black hangar.

Paul Robinson tells us that there is a New Dunsfold site including pics of the Control Tower

Dunsfold Tower

EGTD 1960s

Dunsfold in the 1960s

2 thoughts on “Dunsfold Tower”

  1. The main problem with the Dunsfold Tower shown was you could only see out onto the airfield, you didn’t have a 360 deg view, so in about 1980, a new tower was commisioned out on the airfield. This was a brand new building with the radar head, a Cossor 787 later replaced by the ‘redundant’ AR15 from Brize, mounted on the roof of the VCR.
    Two radar positons were provided downstairs, initially with standard rotating displays but later replaced by what I believe were the first raster scan displays to be approved by the CAA.
    When BAe operations ceased, the whole setup was supposed to be ‘mothballed’ apart from the radar being taken away but when a new ATC contractor started operations in Jan 2010, it was found that the wiring looms in the VCR had been ‘cut through with a chainsaw’. Also the removal of the radar head from the roof had allowed rain to seep into the VCR and the constant dripping had bored a hole in the floor!
    Installation of a Vaisala met sytem took place in early 2011 and new radios were almost ready for use in May 2011 when the airport owners had a ‘change of policy’ deciding they didn’t want ATC but would simply use AGCS, which is done from a handheld radio, so now this tower is redundant again.


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