Central Control Function – “Tunnels in the Sky”

The Central Control Function (CCF) was a planned implementation of the “Beeker” report on Terminal control in the South East, written by Dave Beech and Alan Parker. The CCF proposed a radical re-design of the London Terminal Control Area ATS, with the CCF effectively controlling all the lower and some of the middle airspace south of Birmingham and east of Southampton. Several new sectors were designed, traditional TMA sectors were re-designed and several airfield approach and radar units were to relocate there. The most radical and complex task was to design a complex 3D set of discrete routes to segregate numerous arrival and departure traffic routes and flows. This proved particularly challenging when coping with runway changes. The development of these “tunnels in the sky” as part of the CCF was overtaken by the necessity to address en-route capacity and the project that eventually led to the creation of the new centre at Swanwick. Much of the rest of the work carried out on the CCF was incorporated into the design of the new London terminal control facility now embedded into the new centre at Swanwick.


My beautiful pictureCCF1

My beautiful pictureCCF2

ccf trials display TC SWCCF3

ccf trials Hurn feed sectorCCF4

CCF trials suite HurnCCF5

London TC CCF style consolesCCF6

My beautiful picture

CCF7 artists impression?


One thought on “Central Control Function – “Tunnels in the Sky””

  1. CCF6 is not CCF. It is the replacement for the “old” MASOR ops room and preceeded CCF by several years. After the old MASOR ops room was stripped out the space was used for the CCF ops room.


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