Wisley Aerodrome

Barry Davidson found this aerial view.

Wisley 1TW1 the tower is in fact the building at centre bottom to the left of the mast, it looks like  (and maybe once was) a private house.

wisley control tower

TW2 That looks a lot like Jack Wheeler on the balcony. Jack was we think the SATCO, and later had a distinguished career with Plessey Radar.

Both Paul Robinson and Guy Fullerton have provided some great comments below. Steve Balfour found another aerial shot of Wisley Airfield in his VC10 files. Steve also provided the shot of the master bedroom that is  courtesy of Paul Robinson on the FB VC10 Fan Club page.

wisley aerial


wisley vcr jw plus

TW4 That’s surely Jack Wheeler again on the left (Guy is that you on the right?)

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.13.30

TW5  Taken possibly from the mast next to the house/tower, showing a view similar to that from ATC.


small TW SB


small TW SB2

TW7  a colour aerial picture, found by Steve Balfour via ‘Google Images’ looking eastwards across the airfield recently. The Ockham DVOR is just visible to the right of the far end of the R/W.

5 thoughts on “Wisley Aerodrome”

  1. I was told years ago that the main radar in latter days was a Decca DASR 3 23cm. Only 2 were produced, the other being positioned at Boscombe Down.
    I last met Jack Wheeler in about 1990 on a GATCO visit to the Plessey factory on the Isle of Wight.


  2. The latest air traffic control equipment is installed in the converted farmhouse which serves as Wisley “Tower”, and highly qualified controllers are maintained between Wisley, London Airport and Farnborough to co-ordinate air traffic movements. With the latest radar system, Wisley has been able on occasion to assist the London Airport controllers in tracking flights into & out of Heathrow.

    Decca MR 100 Surveillance Radar. CR/DF. CAD/F. UHF and VHF/RT

    Decca Approach Radar 424.

    Sodium runway lighting, Thom VASI approach lighting.


  3. From a history of Wisley Airfield :-

    The ornamental pond, which was sited where the present runway crosses the road which leads to the Air Traffic Control building, was filled in and the farm house, Hyde Farm, had to be demolished, but an old cottage nearby was converted to become the Air Traffic Control Building. This cottage still adds individuality and rural charm to the Wisley scene although honesty compels us to state that the original reason for retaining it was the utilitarian one of camouflage.


  4. Agreed, that’s probably Jack behind the Aldis. Depending on the date, the other ATCO’s were Tom Wells and David Cooper . When Wisley closed Tom and David transferred to Filton. The splendid room on the ground-floor with the bay window was Jock Bryce’s (CTP) office, the additional test-pilots, Spud Murphy, Brian Trubshaw, John Cochrane et al where accommodated in the annex at the rear of the house. The house itself was a listed building and as such could’nt be modified to improve the view! But we managed! Great Days!


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