Military Towers before 1945

The role of  wartime and pre 1939 Flying Control personnel is very under reported, although the Airfield Research Society and its predecessor have published some excellent material. We have published some great memories by Eric Mathews (FLYING CONTROL WW2) but would like even more information. Again  using material from Barry Davidson’s collection, here are a couple of wartime stations, plus one or two from other sources via John Levesley.

two links to photos in the IWMs collection

RAF Linton on Ouse  This seems to show the Units Ops Block/Plotting Room also being used for air ground wireless communications.

Here are some photos for inspiration, please send us Flying Control Stories.

Pembroke 1943RAF Colbey Green

RAF Colbey Green

Desford 2

RAF Desford 1928


RAF Desford 1935 or later

beaulieu tower

RAF Beaulieu 1945 (Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment)

Stoney Cross Tower 1945_6

RAF Stoney Cross 1945 – 46

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