Bovingdon Control Tower


photographed at Bovingdon probably in 1963 this is not quite what it seems………..

the Imperial War Museum site tells us that HJ898 was

“built towards the end of 1945 as a B.Mk.35, probably by Percival Aircraft Ltd at Luton. About seven or eight years later it was converted by Brooklands Aviation Ltd to T.T.35 configuration, with a target-towing winch in the bomb-bay, and guards on the tail surfaces and tailwheel. In 1954, TA719 was in use as “56” of No.3 Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit at Exeter, where it remained until flown to 27 M.U. Shawbury for disposal on March 14, 1963. It was sold to Mr. Peter Thomas and registered G-ASKC in July, and returned to Exeter for servicing on July 11th. On July 19th a Certificate of Airworthiness was issued and the Mosquito departed to Bovingdon, where it was repainted as HJ898 (coded HT-G) for use in the film “633 Squadron” which was mostly shot in Scotland, with the aircraft operating from Dalcross. G-ASKC went to Inverness on August 16th, and returned to Bovingdon on September 17th, after a further spell of flying for the film it was delevered to the Skyfame Collection at Staverton in December. While there it carried its original serial number, with code letters S-G, the group SY was used at the end of the war by No.500 (County of Kent) Squadron, R.Aux.A.F., who flew Mosquitos from West Malling from 1946 to 1950. Extensively cannabilised while at Staverton the Imperial War Museum received the aircraft in 1978.”

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