The ATCO Board of Trade listings 1946-January 1968

ATCO LIST 1              ATCO LIST 2         ATCO LIST 3       ATCO LIST 4

ATCO LIST 5              ATCO LIST 6          ATCO LIST 7       ATCO LIST 8


The ATCO CAA era listings have been amended by removing the dates of birth.

ATCO SENIORITY late 1969 to early 1984 (amended)

ATCA (ATSA) seniority list 1950 – 1984 (amended)

BoT era listings for Tels

Radio Technicians Seniority list Jan 1970 (seniorities 1950-69)

Telecommunications Technical Officers seniority list July 1970 (dates 1956 – 1970)

Our thanks to the late Arthur Childs and his family whose archive provided the lists for Telecommunication Technical Officers and for Radio Technicians.


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