EGNX EAST MIDLANDS (Castle Donington)

Steve Balfour has sent me these three photos of East Midlands ATC.

“Here’s 3 pictures of EGNX. The outside shot is a scan from a postcard of the original terminal and control tower. No idea of the date, but early 1970s I think. The 2 internal shots show the original VCR in February 1976, when I was an ATCA there. One shows the assistant’s desk, with Paul Whitcher, (ex-NATS 21 course),  on the telephone. In the background are the desks for ADC, on the left, and APP on the right. ‘Castledon Radar’, (119.65 MHz, the year the airport opened,) was on the floor below and only manned as required. The other shot shows Paul Manning ADC, Jill Reid-Buckle, (nee Campbell, ex No. 3 Course), on APP. In the background, Pat Paterson, the radar controller, is doing a MOTNE observation.”

egnx (1) NX1

egnx (3) NX2

egnx (2) NX3


NX4  a colour version of NX1 from Barry Davidson and another two photos also from Barry below

EGNX 1988_2




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