RAF Wrexham (Borras) Tower


photo from George Jones via Dave Smith

Dave sent us this photo of the interior of RAF Wrexham tower, known universally by the locals as Borras after the nearby suburb of the town. The airfield closed in the summer of 1945. His friend George Jones lives in Wrexham and noticed it on the wall in his barber’s and asked to borrow it. The barber had no idea of where it came from originally. Perhaps a RAF customer of his predecessor.

anyone care to identify the grey box just left of centre and the big panel on the right, presumably (?) the lighting panel.


One thought on “RAF Wrexham (Borras) Tower”

  1. Whilst at Manchester, working the West Sector, I had a request from a Beech King Air on the ground at “Borros Park” requesting take off and climb to FL?. Took me completely unawares but we soon found his details in the system so it was “take off at your discretion, cleared to enter controlled airspace climbing to FL70”. This would be in the mid 1980s. Hence always remember Borrow Park.


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