W J Q (Bill or “Q”) Magrath MM

The Guild’s magazine Transmit would like to do an article on “Q” (full name William John Quirke Magrath) and needs info on his ATC career. He was reportedly at Nutts Corner and I’m pretty sure he was the training officer at Aldergrove but before my time. Its been suggested he was at Boscombe Down, maybe SATCO? Please use the comments tab above to pass on details.

(this a different Magrath to Harry who ran the Field Training Unit at Aberdeen)

6 thoughts on “W J Q (Bill or “Q”) Magrath MM”

  1. Bill Magrath, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, was my uncle. Before he died he made some tape recordings of his early life and wartime experiences. I am sure you will appreciate how precious these are, but I would be happy to lend them to bona fide historians of the RAF.


    1. Hello Michael

      Many thanks for the information. I’d guess first stop would be the RAF Museum at Hendon whom I assume have an oral history project. If not then the Imperial War Museum should surely have one. I’ll flag this post with one of our regular contributors, Dave Smith, who has more contacts than I do with credible aviation history sources and with John Freeman from the Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers who likewise has contacts in that area.

      John Levesley


  2. Hello John, Just spotted your recent post asking for recollections of W J Q Magrath. I can confirm he was indeed at Boscombe Down, probably from about 1972 till at least August 1976 when I left there. He was appointed as Approach Supervisor which by default made him Deputy SATCO. Best Regards, Guy Fullerton, (Retired) ATCO of this parish


  3. Q MAcgrath was indeed at Nutts Corner and later became Mayor of Salisbury. A comprehensive and very interesting life story can be found on the Internet. Google the Role of the Irish in WW2 . He never spoke of his war time experiences in my time at Nutts Corner…..John Douglas


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