DVD British Air Traffic Control 1963 to 1973

This DVD has been available for a little while now (2009?) Have you seen it, what do you think? Why not give us a review via the comments tab above.



I’ve had a look at the first two films which are made for the general public as PR films. The first, the Controllers, shows some colour film of the interior of Southern Centre on the north side at Heathrow, and more film in the tower at Heathrow; including Aerodrome, Approach and Approach Radar control. There is some film purported to be inside Scottish Centre but it didn’t look like Redbrae and Gailes radar – be interesting to know what our Scottish readers/viewers think.

The second film has some great footage of Hurn airport, Tower and Approach and two short glimpses of Southern Radar at Sopley, military  and civil sections.

John Levesley

I recently purchased a copy of “Communication in ATC” from the IWM (included on this DVD) and must say I enjoyed this grainy, colour, 19 min DVD. It references Scottish ATC, Preston, Paris Control, Croydon during the ‘torn-tape’ era, the MOTNE system, Birdlip and Ballygirreen (Shannon Aeradio). Some of the aircraft types shown include, BOAC VC-10, AFL Il-62, BEA Trident, Concorde, B.707 and RAF Nimrod. Some of the content is very basic but I have to say I found the nostalgic material and ‘attitudes’ very absorbing! I was particularly delighted with the Birdlip footage, as this was my main reason for purchase. Well worth a viewing as it brought back many memories.
Colin McKeeman

I’d agree with Colin about this film and was delighted to see some colour footage of Preston Centre and its ops room. Interesting to see the proposal for manned island  communication towers to provide trans atlantic VHF communications and speculation that satellites might provide communications relays in the future. Some nice colour video shots of early touch wire displays being used for data updating.

The final film on radar control is very familiar as are some of the faces. Nice to see Derek Morgan doing some radar control at LATCC and quick shot of Terry Gilmour too. You’ll probably be able to add quite a few more names.

John Levesley

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