Collection of ATC and aerodrome generic and miscellaneous photographs

AIS Briefing1

AIS Briefing Office

anemometer cups2

anemometer cups


anemometer tower

approach lighting4

Calvert approach lighting system

calvert plus PAPIs5

Calvert approach lighting system plus PAPIs


CRDF controls and display

DF aerial and site7

DF aerial and site, probably EGPK Ray Draper

equipment room 18

8 and 9 could go with the TTT series of photos at LATCC, being part of the 9020 fit Ray Draper


equipment room 29

Equipment rooms

fuel farm EGPK perhaps10

Airport fuel farm, Prestwick Steve Balfour

ILS glidepath11

ILS glidepath

ILS localiser12

ILS Localiser EGPK Ray Draper

IRVR array13

IRVR array

microwave link relay station14

microwave link relay station

T82 radar height finder15

Height finding Console, Type 82 radar system probably at RAF Lindholme, Watton or North Luffenham (Northern, Eastern and Midland radar stations).

tels equipment room16

tels equipment room


VASIs probably Runway 31 EGPKSteve Balfour


vertical-visibility-sensor (cloud base recorder) EGPK Ray Draper


Windsock EGPK Steve Balfour

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